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Sometimes my independence does not go well with male ego - I believe that i can always survive even the toughest of circumstances alone and have the ability to come back even after the most gruesome tragedies -I don't like flattery -Over-sweetness and too much closeness can make me runaway -I am very possessive and for me love is something i can never share and i can be very jealous even at the slightest of suspicion -If i get hurts i will be as cold as the ice in your fridge and this can last an entire lifetime!! -I have high expectations in everything - I am possessive and don't like to be possessed I want my freedom and complete trust -When i'm committed to someone or something,there'll be no reason to doubt my loyalty and sincerity -Extremely passionate and believes in forever-lasting relationship -I am emotional though -I believes in miracle,though it sound a little freaky but miracles do happen in my case -The bad things about me is i'll never learn from my mistakes and likely to fall in the same hole again (Dislikes) Boredom,Weakness,Dependency,Overly sensitive people,Wimps,Pretentiousness,Fussiness,Being ill,Cowardice

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Okay2 it's been quite long since the last i post anything kan, anyway. ever since my 4th semester started.. i memang2 takde mase nak update blog... because assignment berlambak, then lab report, quizzes, lagi tutorial dan macam2.. every week memang ade jer yang masuk.. keje tak henti2.. biut kpale i nih... so weekend adalah satu2nya masa i yang terluang untuk tido sepuas2 hati (don't ever wish for it if mummy's here) sooo tetiber pla hari nih i trase nak post something.. (suppsdly i wat my assgnment! and sorry for my bahasa rojak.. i malas hari nih) nih jag da masok bilik tido tinggalkan i ternonong2 kat hall.. eiiss alone!! eii takott... shh.. if only he know im blogging and surfing internet.. i'll be dead!!

Alamakkkk!! i was about to upload photos (engagement and convocation) but then aikksss i lupe pla i tak bawa i punye external hard disk.. ishkkkk geramnye.. hwuaaa... so wat to do now.. umm okay2 u can also check my facebook @ steffy_myla87@yahoo.com kat situ i dah upload my pictures... untuk tatapan u all.. then next time ill upload cket2 then ill explain to all bout it orait.. :P``~~

owhh yeah... poor Jag.. he went for a minor surgery today to take out his wisdom tooth (tumbuh in a wrong direction) so he's on medication now.. taking a strong pain kiler (forgotten the name of it) and in the meanwhile.. he cannot speak!! he's a boring person when he can't talk.. i miss his voice already..hehe oppsiee.. and also.. im getting made tahap gaban sebab i cant speak too... all i can do is sing2 saje2... my mom in law not in.. she's in genting.. miss her.. and my papa in law is in but.. no gut to borak2 kosng with him.. hehe.. then ros? the home's keeper... she irritaate me sometimes.. i mean okay all the time.. bila i cakap ngan die jer... then die gelak2 for nothing and then tolak2 bahu i and even worst tolak badan i skali.. bukan perlahan tapi.. kuat wehhhh... adesss i buat derk jer.. i tak cakap la i tak suke.. im a kind hearted person (uweekkk) yes really.. i treat everybody the same only thing.. the way she tolak2 me bagai.. buat i geram... adeiiii... nevermind la... she's a nice lady btw...

owh eahhh sebelum i lupe... my elder brother has become a father!!!!! dapat baby girl and her name is Scarlett ItZell Maeyron!!! cun kan the namee... hehehe.. im sooo happy.. im an aunt now!! but sadly.. tak jumpe lagi baby cuz im here in shah alm and the're back at sabah.. hwuaaa i need to go back but maybe after my midterm exam.......

Im gettin paranoid of H1N1 now... yesterday.. my friend Dauna who's studying there told me that uitm campus will be closed for one week!! because there's a new case in there!! amboiii i soo takuttt.. how about MSU then it's not very far.. it's in shah alam too!!! how about us??????????? i'll wear the mask next week.. sebagai langkah berhati2..ishkk scary..

okay.. umm... ill be posting again soon... im off to do my work.. (it's saturday for goodness sake!! and i STILL have to do my homework!!! argghh) hihihi tensi berlebihan.. pardon me yeahhh ahakzz..

alright all.. adios amigos.. GTG...

pen off!!!



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