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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am back (^_^')/ check out the suprises for you!


Yeah i know.. it's been quite a while.. i was really busy since July... what should i tell you guys?.. i guess let me start one by one alright?
Hmm... on 11th July 2009, Saturday... was my engagement day... the ceremony was marvelous! it was great.. even though it was real tiring... it was really a once in a lifetime kind of thing! (i will upload my engagement photos first) and then... 13 July 2009, Monday was my Diploma convocation day! can you imagine how tired was i? God knows.. plus.. my family were here for 10 days and i never get the chance to rest at all!! basically... the month of July was the busiest among others for this year. and.... 20 july.. my brother become a daddy... Scarlet Itzell Maeron was born.. and she's my first niece!!! awwwww!! :D.. alright.. enough of telling stories... now.. enjoy the photos *i didnt have time to edit any of them.. :P hope you guys wouldnt mind eh :)

-Yeah... opening... my hand.. lovely henna ehh.. :)-

thi pic below.. this beautiful lady..she's me.. thats her :)

My bro took this picture below..i like the angle

-below.. me and my friend Nurain Ali.. she's a swet girl.. her bf tok my pic too..using his canggih camera :)

-below... i can call her as my BFF(best friend forever) because she'll be there with me no matter what.. she's always there.. in fact.. she came back here from india just for my engagement.. isn't lovely... and i love her even tho i havent got the time to see her yet since the ceremony.. her name is Kavitha.. wait k darl :)-

-Yep.. below.. it's me again... posing near the door.. lol.. i dont know why the hell i did so many stupid things that day.. maybe cuz i was nervous kot.. lol...

-Heyyy yaahhh.. not to forget my lovely one and only sister.. Cynthia Michelle @ Cyndy.. she did a great job that day.. a very good PA hehehe... love ya sist...

-Below, my friends were the earliest one to come... such a lovely friends... true friends.. they really made me happy, they are crazy too but very kind.. thanks buddy for the willingness to come... love you all... heyy don't ever forget to invite me to yours next aitttt...

-haha yeah me again.. i don't know who took this pic.. was it Aimi (skudo air) hehe or.. hmm who ahh?? but thanks btw.. this angle was nice.. even tho i look tired.. my eyes were coming out lol

- our rings.. p/s darly bear!! if you ever take it out.. then cerai talak 4.. lol...

Here comes the bride groom... from the left, his elder sister Cimmeran, my darling Jack the freak tall man, pink duit his mother my mom in law Mdm Sanam Kaur, in front of him is his youngest sister Sangeetha and err.. behind him i think his father.. Mr Jageet Singh, cant see him clearly.... they are such a lovely family.. i thanked God for giving them to me.. such a perfect family.. very loving..just like my own family.. i miss them so much.. i miss both of my families.. i dont know how would it be if im not with him.. hmmm i love them!!!!

-Me and my darling..during photo shoot.. and God knows... how nervous scared was i.. lol... i feel like ive never taken any pic before.. heheh i guess i am good by taking my own pic ..only..

Ceremony started... actually.. it was started when my MIL (mom in law) put the *something i forgot the name* on my head :)

This one was my Mom giving blessing to both of us.. we were just engage and she cried! Mom.. i am still your daughter... nobody can ever change that.. no mater whom i married with, believe me.. i will always be your naughty daughter..that will never change.. you me right mom.. i love you.. no one can ever take me away from my very own family.. you gave birth to me and took care of me since i was born! it was not an easy work.. but you've made it! see what i've become now.. i will make you all happy.. dont worry.. you mom and dad will always be my parents.. forever...emmuah sobsobb..sebak plaaa

-owh..lovely.. below.. ring exchanged between both of us... smileeeeeee for happiness

Cutting cake... and i ONLY ate that small piece he gave me!! argghhh i never even taste it properly..uwahhhh and they said the cake tasted wonderful and they asked me where the hell i got it from..i dont even know where cuz my MIL handle EVERYTHING from A-Z... well... that why i said.. i love them.. the just so family..:) loveeeeee

Below.. i really want to thanked them for being with me no matter what it is... my mom, dad, jag, and the rest of my family and friends really fulfill my life.. complete my life, make my life so wonderful... just wanna thanked you all for everything....
Especially to my mom and dad...i have no words to describe how much i love you both, i owe so much from you both..thank you for raising me up... and im sorry for being so far from you two... sorry for not spending so much time woth you two but i promised.. i will take care of you two when you grow very old.. ill carry you both anywhere when you don't have the energy to walk anymore.. ill make it worth for you two for having me..emmuahhh

thanks to all of my friends... some of them were not in the pic.. sorry

thanks for being so happening!! :)

My hand.. my ring.. my henna... thanksssssss :)

-And thats me again..hehehe anyways thank you for reading okay...

Alright... next.. i will post about my convocation and more and more.. thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comment... i wont bite you i promise..hehehe..



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