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Sometimes my independence does not go well with male ego - I believe that i can always survive even the toughest of circumstances alone and have the ability to come back even after the most gruesome tragedies -I don't like flattery -Over-sweetness and too much closeness can make me runaway -I am very possessive and for me love is something i can never share and i can be very jealous even at the slightest of suspicion -If i get hurts i will be as cold as the ice in your fridge and this can last an entire lifetime!! -I have high expectations in everything - I am possessive and don't like to be possessed I want my freedom and complete trust -When i'm committed to someone or something,there'll be no reason to doubt my loyalty and sincerity -Extremely passionate and believes in forever-lasting relationship -I am emotional though -I believes in miracle,though it sound a little freaky but miracles do happen in my case -The bad things about me is i'll never learn from my mistakes and likely to fall in the same hole again (Dislikes) Boredom,Weakness,Dependency,Overly sensitive people,Wimps,Pretentiousness,Fussiness,Being ill,Cowardice

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Killing my time!!

.....Tagged by Mel. Desiree.....

1- Would you rather have a fun fling or a lasting relationship?
- Of course a lasting relationship, I stick to one man only, love for infinity

2- What was your longest relationship?
- 3 years (with my ex) but now.. I’m getting engage to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met .. it’ll will be forever.. Amen

3-What is your favorite personality trait?
- Kind of ‘knows little about everything’

4- What is the most romantic thing a significant other could do?

- Depend on what situation I am in :P~~

5- When you are dating someone, what is the most important thing to you?
- Being truthful!!

6- Do you like pet names (ex: baby, sweetheart...)?
- hehe yeahhhh… especially ‘kukubus and bujicat’ haha that’s my nick name given by him lol… shut up!!

7- What is your ideal night out with a significant other?
- Sharing thoughts like a very best-friend together without involving any negative emotions, laughing together and yet my most wonderful night was at Sutera harbour, walk under the moon, and holding hand together at 3am in the morning!! walalaahhh

8- What is your ideal night in with a significant other?
- Watching star trek together with him or just cuddling each other to sleep.. Or he playing with our stuffed animals.. disturbing me.. hmm that’s a real night man!!

9- Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it?
- No, will never do that.

10- Do you like relationships that invovle serious commitments?
- Yeah.. we’re getting engage in 2 months time
J we’re serious!

11- If you ever got engaged, how would you want it to happen?
- You cant imagine what I am going through!! This engagement is like… my dream come true.. really.. this is just how I wanted it to be!!!!! But basically, we can’t plan things perfectly.. I’d rather go with the flows.. just see what’s gonna happened.. then it’ll surprise me

12- If you were engaged, would you want a wedding as soon as possible?
- Of course, but I’m still studying.. Percentage of getting pregnant is high.. so wait till I finish my study would be logic.. IF he’s fine with it.

13- Do you like to talk about the future when in a serious relationship?
- Yes, but not always I mean this kind of conversation can’t be talked everyday, have fun!!

14- Do you prefer a sensitive open relationship or a strong silent type?
- I am neutral

15- When in a relationship do you have to have contact with your partner on a daily basis?
- Yes, why? Because we care about each other, that’s love!!

16- Do you like public displays of affection?
- Hmm… yes but depend on the situation

17- Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship?
- Yeah I can’t tolerate if my partner do not trust me! Trust is the main key in a relationship. Also, no cheating, do not betray this pure relationship.

18- What is one thing that you value most in a relationship?
- There’s something that I can’t explain about, there’s no price for it, it’s LOVE, and love means everything!

19- Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation?
- Yes, it would be hard but it’s manageable, so far the longest we’ve been apart was 5 weeks, LOL.

20- Do you believe in moving in together before engagement or marriage
- I used to but not anymore, I’ll move in with my darling once we’re married

21- Who would you like to see doing this survey? Tag them
- craig, bella, Sandra, danelly, putrid, josh, anita and all of you in my list
J including my followers :P


Friday, June 19, 2009

The real thing

- I am just a normal girl.. my previous post about the song by elvis 'anything thats part of you' huh actually he didn't cry.. i was just bluffing... want to see what's his reaction will be if by any chance he read it (it's impossibl unless he disturb me while i'm updating my blog)

- okay well.. i am not really well... seriously unwell but who cares.. it's normal thou.. i am sick and tired of living.. seriously.. if only i get to go out of this country.. and go somewhere to find peace of mind and get my 'real-self' back.. uaawww that'll will be nice...

- i'm not in the normal-state-emotional .. err whatever!! i don't know what the hell i want to tell but for sure.. i'll be back with more toipic to share.. remember this blog is my blog.. i decided to share things on how me pursuing my happiness in life..

Stfy out


Monday, June 15, 2009

The return

It's been so long aite... anyway.. got tagged by mr.Virgonz, seems like i'm a lil bit free today.. i decided to answer this :) and sorry for i am not in a state of mood to translate this to english, do you mind.. well.. let's get started... :)

1.Apa Perasaan Anda Sekarang?

* Perasaan kucar kacir cuz of menstrual pain (hormonal stress)

2.Saya nak makan?

* Saya nak makan durian sangat2!! selalu bau jer... ishkk

3.Saya tak suka?

* ....bila diganggu semasa tidur nyenyak, tak suka panas, tak suka bende yang tak disukai seperti semua perkara yang dibenci.

4.Impian saya?

* Impian saya nak jadi kaya and then buat bende2 yang patut dengan duit2 tersebut... especially for my parents :)

5.Haiwan yang saya tak suka?

* Haiwan yang buas dan irritating.

6.Saya harapkan?

* ....harapkan pagar tak makan padi.. padi tak dimakan burung.. hehe ok2 saya harapkan agar anda semua bahagia selalu..saya juga. *sengal.. banyak mende yang diharapkan..tapi xbleh nak harap sangat...

7.Jika boleh putarkan masa?

* Satu jer saya nak... saya nak nenek saya tak dilanggar, saya nak dia sihat sejahtera dan melihat saya kahwin(someday)...saya nak peluk cium nenek :**(

8.Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang?

* Saya dah bosan jawab soklan nih dari kechik... takperla.. just wait and see..ill keep it to myself... (dulu kene tulis dalam buku catatan harian.. perghh)

9.Handphone saya adalah sebuah?

* ....adalah sebuah telefon bimbit yang boleh dibawa kemana-mana dan digunakan sebagai senjata jika anjing datang nak serang.. baling pada dia!! eheheee

10.Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak?

* ntah.. God Knows!!

11.Saya suka pada?

* ...suka pada orang yang buat soklan nih kalau dia tak tanya apa yang saya suka.. eiiiii... saya suka semua benda yang boleh disukai..

12.Kawan-kawan saya..?

* adalah peneman yang hebat....slalu buat gua tergelak..memahami perasaan kuuuu.. :P~~

13.Pernah dikhianati?

* pernah kot.. don't care!!!

14.Apa yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?

* ask them to find a life!!

Senaraikan 8 orang untuk di Tag (erm dpt tag 4 org jer...)

Kamu ya!!! you!!!! buat k :P~~

thats all you all

xoxo thanks for reading muahhxxx.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon Official trailer


- It's worth a while waiting for it even though the movie will only be in cinema on 20.11.09
- Well yesterday the official of Twilight sequel trailer has aired, the New Moon.
- And if you notice.. I put the twilight widget at the side of my bar... yeehaww it's cool.. and yes admit.. i'm a die-hard-fan of twilight saga series :)

- So.. maybe you've missed it or do not know that the official trailer came out.. check the video out (below)

Enjoy!!!!!!! to all twiight fans out there!! you'll love this...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Im Blushing!!!! - Anything that is part of you-

.....Anything that is part of you....

This is a song dedicated to me... of course from my dear darling Jag... he said.. he'll cry his tears out whenever he listened to this song when i'm not around.. even now!.. well.. this song was sang by the greatest king of rock and roll.. the late Elvis Aron Presley ... just listen and you'll understand.. why this song can caused my darl to burst his tears and even me too... the first time he sent me this video... i was like... Jag i really love you!! i was very touched!

check out... tell me what you think...

And this is the lyric

I memorize the note you sent
Go all the places that we went
I seem to search the whole day through
For anything thats part of you

I kept a ribbon from your hair
A breath of perfume lingers there
It helps to cheer me when Im blue
Anything thats part of you

Oh, how it hurts to miss you so
When I know you dont love me anymore
To go on needing you
Knowing you dont need me

No reason left for me to live
What can I take, what can I give
When Id give all of someone new
For anything thats part of you

thanks for reading


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