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Sometimes my independence does not go well with male ego - I believe that i can always survive even the toughest of circumstances alone and have the ability to come back even after the most gruesome tragedies -I don't like flattery -Over-sweetness and too much closeness can make me runaway -I am very possessive and for me love is something i can never share and i can be very jealous even at the slightest of suspicion -If i get hurts i will be as cold as the ice in your fridge and this can last an entire lifetime!! -I have high expectations in everything - I am possessive and don't like to be possessed I want my freedom and complete trust -When i'm committed to someone or something,there'll be no reason to doubt my loyalty and sincerity -Extremely passionate and believes in forever-lasting relationship -I am emotional though -I believes in miracle,though it sound a little freaky but miracles do happen in my case -The bad things about me is i'll never learn from my mistakes and likely to fall in the same hole again (Dislikes) Boredom,Weakness,Dependency,Overly sensitive people,Wimps,Pretentiousness,Fussiness,Being ill,Cowardice

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I guess....getting married is not easy at all... Apart from the expenses. The obstacles coming through my relationship is another thing...its like a simple thing can easily swipe off the sparkle...just like that..i mean as sy as snapping your fingers. Thats what we call trial right, but am glad we are still glue- ing each otjer together. The love is still strong...

Another thing i need to mention here, i am goin further with mybstudy, im doin bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS) and this will lead me into 4 long years of learning journey before fully entitled to beome a doctot. Why i choosed mbbs? I have always dream of being a doctor, since i was a kid yeah, i remember pocking my niece on the hand with a sharp pencil, i dont joke when i play doctor hahah...but she was fine, it was a minor injury ive caused..lol.. And apart from that, is because...for me a doctor is a noble profession, its not the title, its not the coat but what a doctor does! Believe me, doctor is not rich! A real doctor is very poor, they dont have to have a 3 storey bungalow, mercedez benz, bmw etc... They do their job..helping people, saving lives... I want to help poor people who cant afford to treat their sickness... I want to be a good doctor, i was thinking about house but dr house is in a movie while im standing here...the reality is much more bitter than tv shows...well i still watch them to learn... :)...

Wedding is coming...class is starting.... Honeymoon is in november after the wedding... How?

Leave it all to God , God will help me through this.

Love you all and thanks for reading...



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