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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

||Baby one more time?|||


:) I know it's been so long *ayat yang sama*,
it's not that i've lost interest... but there's million of things happened in my life lately..
it's not like bad luck of suwey it's just that it's time to learn..

I dont wish to waste anymore time to write nonsense about ME and my Grumpy life..
let me just do straight to the point..
Bought a new Digital camera.. it's called as DSC sony HX1..
camera is awesome! and i love it.. i prefer to buy this because i'm not SLR enthusiast.. i dont like to have so many things (lens..filter etc) for my camera.. simple yet the best is my choise..
so this camera is my choice..

check it out

So what do you think? if you've heard about the advantages and disadvantages about this camera before you're welcome to word ypu thought out here alright ^_^

And below are the picture *so far*level 0.000000001* i've taken.. it's not good but it's not bad too *for me.. let's take a look :D~ *i'm so shyyyyy :P~

>>> ya i know.. me pic first hehe *gedikss

I guess this is my favorite (so far..) i haven't explore 'him' deeper yet..
soon maybe.. :)

Your thought would be much apreciated in the comment box.. don't keep it!!

thanks for reading.. lovessss ya..


~miszirdawaty~ said...

wah, hebat!

**LoSt cHaRMeD AnGeL** said...

Nice pictures!!! Me love photography-ing as well :-)

By the way, you've been tagged!

StefyAnie said...

Mis--- really.. hihi thanks k.. still in learning process :)

StefyAnie said...

Shasha *hugs2... thanks.. i love it too.. but more into nature and myself and cute people.. haha..

Ive got it.. thanks lova yaa...



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