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Monday, July 19, 2010

Single minded

|| Relationship ||

So.. what is sooo good in this single minded relationship? it doesn't bring me any good... in fact i hate it truly hate it...

From what i understand, single minded relationship (or usually this apply to married couple) means two person who are together, love each other but do everything seperately

(example: hubby will work... over work...over time work and in the meanwhile the wifey will have to take care of the children... i mean alone.. not together.. then hubby will still busy with outstation work and the wifey busy spending the lonely time hanging out with friends or family)

Hello?? i mean.. what's the point of being together if none of the partner atleast give some initiative to do things together like how it's used to be...

Im not married but Soon i will be... and the truth is.. this single minded thingy already developed
between both of us? we've discussed about it... but you know "easier said than done" .. early step of prevention seems to be drowning in the drainage ... how sad... i mean okay.. it's been only two days we've discussed about this 'single minded' thing but my hope that it can work out became hopeless... arghhh it's really pathetic... (sobbing)

But...But... whatever it is.. it doesn't mean i have to give up on my relationship just because i failed once.... i have to do something.. make it better... well my main goal remember???

"Pursuit of happiness"

I will never give up even though the pain makes my heart to go scattered into million pieces... luckily i have a strong glue my self to stick it together.. over and over again
(hopefully the glue will never finish) :D

Anyway, I just want to let you know that the situation is not as worst as you thought of because my darling, he's a very wonderful and kind person. I just can't live without him even for just a split second, the urge that came from the inner side of me --- the 'I want' to be with him every second of my life is forcing me to think this way... not to have a single minded relationship, to hell with what the other think or tell me because i am the one who's going to live with him (in happiness or in sadness) and he is the one who can love me this way, no one else could because i am different in the way only he could understand. (BIG SMILES).

Well I bet you too have your own love story because everybody is unique in their very own way.. right?

Thanks for reading

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